#2016AHEuropeTrip- Amadeus

I am so excited, I have started my blog 3 days early.  I will be using the hashtag above for my posts on Instagram.  Since I used that hashtag (using different years) on the 2013 and 2014 trips, they can easily be searched.  Since Twitter has limited text/post, I will be using the hashtags #16ahet (Alamo Heights Europe Trip) and #acisItaly or #acisAustria or #acisCzech.  By using the hashtag with acis and the country, my pics will be picked up by the ACIS Tripstream ( http://www.acis.com/tripstream ) feed and ACIS will then feature our trip!  Can’t wait to start posting.

Leaving San Antonio

The first day is such a special day.  Students are excited.  Parents are a bit nervous.  And Chaperones are focused.  It’s neat to watch as the students begin to get out of their comfort zone.  Parents give hugs just before we go through security.  Our ACIS contact, Randy, always sees us off!




img_8987 img_8956 img_8967 img_8998 img_9001 img_9002 img_9003 img_9027 img_9039 img_9058 img_9061 img_9062 img_9085


img_9498 img_9497 img_9493 img_9438 img_9427 img_9419 img_9411 img_9437 img_9402 img_9467 img_9339 img_9380 img_9489 img_9474 img_9292 img_9234 img_9254 img_9131 img_9128 img_9186 img_9117

Going Home

img_9556 img_9557 img_9558 img_9552 img_9541 img_9523 img_9531 img_9529 img_9525 img_9538 img_9554

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