Norm Collins
San Antonio

Bio: I am the aquatic coordinator and head coach for swimming, diving, and water polo at Alamo Heights High School in San Antonio, Texas. I love traveling with my family. I have begun blogging about trips that I have taken with the students at Alamo Heights using the travel company American Council International Studies (ACIS). I have now taken 71 students and teachers on 3 trips to Europe. Please note that the wallpaper for my website is a picture of a ceiling in the Vatican that I took in 2014.

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  1. I had previously taken the 2016 Amadeus trip that had been led by Mr. Collins and his wonderful wife. Each destination held a certain unique flair that each individual traveler was interested in, wether it be architecture, culture, cuisine, or the millennia of history that Europe has to offer. Alamo Heights has spectacular trips abroad that are offered to the students, however I strongly believe that the Collins Duo provides the best experience.
    For the apprehensive parent/guardian:
    It is a strong belief of mine that students should experience the world and cultures that their are taught in school. If separation is an issue, just remember that most phone carriers are making it extremely easy to make international calls and most hotels have wifi that allows Mr. Collins to update his photo albums for each individual trip or. This will be a trip that will never be forgotten. By the end of this great adventure I guarentee that when you hear your child’s stories, you may develop a mild case of jealousy.


    • It is easy to be a chaperone when you have students like Madelyn Tyler traveling with you. In fact, she was like having another chaperone on the trip. Before the trip I really did not know Madelyn. Afterwards we thought of her like we would a daughter. That’s what travel will do for you when you hang out for a whole week with great kids.


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